About Us

 Working with leading Paintball Manufacturers, such as Bud Orr and the Worr Games staff, Worr Games, Paint Games Plus Distributing and R.P.I. has been instrumental in the development of Worrpaint Brand Paintballs. Now After 3 Years of research and development P.G.P. Dist and R.P.I. has created their own line called Karnage. Listening to Fields, Stores and Players, and being “all of the above themselves”, they have designed a paint that you can count on every time; no matter what type of paintball game you play.

After several trips to the Manufacturing Plant, Spending countless hours lining out the shell and fill formulas, Karnage was born. Karnage has been designed to be the Perfect Paint for fields that require different levels of paintballs. Karnage is designed with optimal bore size in mind. Whether it is a rental marker, flat line barrel system or a high end electro marker, Karnage Paintballs is the right choice for you. Even though we are not a Manufacturer we have the knowledge and expertise of them. It is our belief that most Private Labels do not have the experience we have. As our Sport evolves, we too will continue to make improvements in our paint.and other products.

You are not just a number with us, The Staff Knows Who you are and can help you with what you need. We want to help make Your Company grow with the Industry. All Sales and communication will be handled with you and your Company in a Professional manor. They will monitor your orders from Start to Finish.

Whether it is Rec-ball, Tournaments or Scenario Big Games, Karnage will be the player’s choice.